Underwriting with J.L. Thomas & Company

Today’s producers prefer J.L. Thomas & Company for impaired risk underwriting support. Our expertise and relationships with the industry’s top impaired risk carriers ensure that your client will receive the best possible offer. The chart below shows the step-by-step process of how we work with impaired risk cases.

What does the RAF do for your business?

Mike Thomas, CLU is a lifelong member of the Risk Appraisal Forum.The Risk Appraisal Forum, whose select membership is by invitation only, is made up of agency principals who specialize in solving complex impaired risk cases and helping their insurance brokers try to secure the most favorable underwriting decisions, combined with the most appropriate product and insurance company, for their clients.
The Risk Appraisal Forum presents the opportunity for members to share breakthroughs in medical technology, treatment of illnesses, and health improvements. There is no other forum that exists where marketing professionals from the field, medical, and underwriting professionals from the Home Offices, all meet with the objective of improving the business of underwriting.