Underwriting Questionnaires for Life Insurance

How to use underwriting questionnaires.

Below are questionnaires on different medical impairments your client may have. Answers to these questionnaires can help us determine which carrier will best underwrite your client based on the most important details. We take this information and review it internally and determine an underwriting class based on the information we receive. We then take this information and shop your clients life insurance for the best rate.

If you have questions please contact the JLT Sales Team.

How to use Underwriting Guides

Review multiple life insurance underwriting guidelines to see which carriers are more competitive for different medical parameters, product features, and underwriting requirements. The underwriting guide will allow you to compare product features, underwriting guidelines, build charts (height and weight), and underwriting requirements.

You can view how carriers compete for blood pressure readings, cholesterol readings, family history, motor vehicle reports, and tobacco/nicotine use. You can also review which carriers are more lenient regarding foreign travel, alcohol/drug abuse history, and avocations including scuba diving, sky diving, mountain climbing, and pilots. If you have questions please contact the JLT Sales Team.

Top 20 Underwriting Questionnaires

Non-Medical Underwriting Questionnaires

Underwriting Questionnaires

Underwriting Guides